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Installation & Assembly guides

Depending on which kitchen system you have chosen to build your Reform kitchen with, there are installation guides to help you in this process.

General installation guide

The Reform General installation guide_EU

The Reform General installation guide_US

Kitchen Island Installation

Kitchen Island installation guide_EU

Kitchen Island installation guide_US

Reform cabinets

Base Cabinets

Assembly guide Base cabinet
Assembly guide Corner L-Cabinet
Assembly guide Corner R-cabinet  

Wall Cabinets

Assembly guide Wall cabinet
Assembly guide Corner W-Cabinet

High Cabinets

Assembly guide High cabinet
Assembly guide Top cabinet
Assembly guide Built-in high cabinet 


Wooden Drawers
Wooden Drawers + Reform (EU)
Wooden Drawers + Reform (US)
Wooden Drawers + IKEA (EU)

Wooden Drawers + IKEA (US)

Steel Drawers
Steel Drawer (EU)

Steel Drawer  (US)

Standard Drawers
Standard Drawer Assembly
Standard Drawer Manual EU
Standard Drawer Manual US

Design Guides
REFLECT - Cover panels and filler pieces

REFLECT - Connecting two fronts
DEGREE - Worktop
PLATE - Cover panel fastening

Wall shelves

PROFILE - Assembly guide (EU)

PROFILE - Assembly guide (US)

Mini Guides

Installation guide ventilation grille

Installation guide 95-degree hinges for built-in fridge cabinet

Installation guide for Angle stop to 155-degree hinges

Pullout Base Cabinet, combining 2 fronts


Top hinged fronts (EU)

Top hinged fronts (US)

Connecting two fronts (EU)

Connecting two fronts (US)

IKEA/Reform Solution

IKEA installation guide

We refer to IKEA for the individual cabinet assembly guides to help you build their cabinetry, our fronts are simply replacing the IKEA ones, so you can follow their guides for the whole process.