Delivery time

We deliver to the curb and depending on the collection, your order is delivered within 6-15 weeks after payment is received and production is initiated. Lead time for US customers is between 14-25 weeks. There may be extended production or delivery time on some designs, but this will be informed and clarified when ordering. On special occasions, holidays, etc. there will be extended lead time, but we inform you of this when you receive your quote. We inform you about the current lead time upon ordering. 

The delivery process is described in the following steps:

1. The order is shipped

You will receive an email from us as soon as your order is quality-assured and ready to be shipped from our carpentry. You receive that e-mail approximately one week before the delivery date. The order will be delivered within the time frame: 8 am - 4 pm.

2. Transportation box

The cover of the transportation box is attached with screws with Torx head. We recommend a screwdriver with a T20 bit to open the box.

3. Receiving the order

 Upon receipt, it is important that you check the goods for any damage and defects and contact us with information about this so that we can track it immediately. The freight company contacts you before delivery - likely the day before.

4. Disposal of the box

The box can be separated by the same screw tool, making it easier for you to turn to dispose. You are responsible for disposing of the transportation box.

If you are US-based, you're able to book an additional white glove service