Delivery to curbside

What to expect regarding delivery of your order

All Reform orders are delivered to curbside, which means the transportation crate is placed as close to your home as a pallet jack can move it on a paved surface.

It is not possible to order white glove delivery, so make sure you have ample time and help to empty out the transportation crate and pallets and lift all items inside.

We recommend contacting a local moving company or a lift service if needed.

The delivery process is as follows: 

1. The order is shipped

You will receive an e-mail from us as soon as your order is quality-checked and ready to ship from our carpentry. Usually, shipping will take about 7-10 days, depending on the final destination. 

2. Transportation Crate

The fronts/panels are delivered in a transportation crate. The lid can be removed with a screwdriver with a torx20 bit.

3. Receiving the order

Our shipping partner will confirm the delivery date and time with you about a day before delivery takes place

Upon receiving the order, it is important you check the goods for any damages or missing items. 

4. Disposal of the transportation crate

The crate can be disassembled with the same screwdriver as used to open the lid. Please dispose of the crate according to your local guidelines for bulky waste disposal.