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Worktop in stainless steel

While steel worktops have been known as mostly industrial surface, it has in recent years, become extremely popular in combination with other countertops materials in the kitchen, as is enable the user to have different surfaces to different everyday purposes, where the steel surface advance in being extremely resilient and durable and so works excellent around the hob and/or the sink.
Please note that the steel tops cannot be joined in an assembly with another material, e.g. in a corner.

Note that the steel countertop can be welded together so that dirt and bacteria cannot hide in joints and cracks.

Similar to steel sinks, steel countertops will get minor scratches which must be seen as a part of the ongoing patina. Other than that, steel requires no special maintenance and is very hygienic.

Regular Cleaning

The surface of stainless steel is smooth and solid and thus easy to maintain.
Daily cleaning is easily done with a clean, damp cloth and wiped with a dry cloth to avoid limescale deposits.
The surface is non-porous and thus neither soaks liquids nor dirt. It is therefore a very spot resistant surface. Spots that have dried out on the surface may be removed with lukewarm water mixed with a mild detergent.

Scratch resistance

Minor scratches cannot be avoided, and similar to steel sinks, they should be accepted as a natural part of having a steel product.
Some scratches may be removed using detergents that contain mild abrasives (e.g. liquid scouring powder). This should be done by a professional using a layman these cleaning agents may risk leaving the surface with a different degree of shine at various places.

Heat resistance

Always use trivets.
A common mistake is to think that steel is heat resistant. While we understand the confusing, as many trivets and similar is made of steel, we must point out, that stainless steel countertops are not heat resistant!
Extreme heat may result in discolorations on the surface or with the 20mm & 30mm thick tops that the underlying chipboard core is damaged. This is not covered by our guarantee. Stainless steel countertops tolerate light impact of heat – But avoid placing pots and pans directly on the surface.

Occasional treatment

To maintain the smooth surface and optically minimize scratches, you can maintain the steel surface with oil (e.g. a mineral/paraffin based oil).

  1. Apply the oil with a soft cloth.
  2. Leave for 10 min.
  3. Remove oil with a dry soft cloth until the surface appears smooth and grease free.