Worktop in stainless steel

Worktops in stainless steel is undoubtedly both a highly practical and hygienic worktop. It is easy to clean and does not require high maintenance. It is durable and regardless of usage, it remains consistency and a clean surface. Patina for steel worktops means that it absorbs scratches and eventually have a very scratched appearance. It's certainly not something that detracts the worktop, or makes it less hygienic, but merely gives it an individual expression. Minor scratches can be treated with the product Sidol, please look up correct treatment in a manual beforehand. You should always treat the worktop in the same direction as the steel's pattern and you are unsure about this, you should contact a professional expert.

Daily cleaning of steel worktops is done with warm water and a damp cloth. Wipe off afterwards with a dry cloth to reduce the risk of calcium deposits. The steel is not acid resistant, so avoid using acidic products for cleaning.