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Worktop in linoleum

The linoleum tops are very durable for use as a worktop.

Some of the best advantages of a linoleum worktop is that it's a natural material that resists stains, smaller surface scratches and is easy to clean. Natural materials have the property to "repair" itself, which means that over time, micro scratches in the surface can disappear when applying care products. The material is antistatic, which does not attract dust and is also antibacterial. Linoleum maintains its matte surface and the color will not fade over time.

You should be aware that linoleum is a relatively soft material consisting of linseed oil and resin, which means you can not put hot items directly on the surface. Linoleum can be permanently damaged if t's exposed to heat greater than 70 degrees. You should also avoid acids and sharp objects on the surface.

Vessels, pots or other objects made of terracotta, clay or metal (rust) can discolour linoleum. Please always use a suitable coaster here

Colour Options

The linoleum used for the worktops is the same as for the fronts; The furniture Linoleum from FORBO.
We make all colours EXCEPT 4157 Pearl.

For lighter colours, please not that there is a greater risk for colour variations. Therefore, your client must fill out a form confirming that they have read and understood the terms for buying light linoleum.

See the FORBO Furniture Linoleum range here

The edges on the linoleum tops will be oak; natural oak or smoked oak. The edges in natural oak are treated with natural coloured oil. The smoked oak edges are treated with dark oil.As oak is a natural material, colour difference may occur in the edge band.

The oak edges are underglued, meaning the oak edge cannot be seen when looking straight down at the worktop.

Regular cleaning

  • Clean with a damp cloth, optional a pH-neutral detergent can be used.
    • Remove stains immediately after spillage.

Occasional deep cleaning

  • Apply a 5 % solution of a pH-neutral detergent in water.
    • Allow soaking for 10 minutes.
    • Scrub the surface gently with a soft scrub brush.
    • Pick up dirty water.
    • Rinse with clean water and allow surface to dry.
    • Apply a thin maintenance film of undiluted Forbo Monel.
    • Buff vigorously with a clean (new) cotton pad.

Preventive measures and stain removal

  • Sharp items may cause scratches, use soft protection in case of doubt.
    • Remove stains immediately after spillage (such as ink, coffee, tea, red wine).
    • Prevent stubborn stains from forming; use coasters under flowerpots, vases, cups etc.
    • for stubborn stains such as ink and pencil, use a clean cloth and neutral cleaner.

Please note that linoleum is an organic material. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of linoleum in areas with high impact of water and strong chemical substances - Including alkaline cleaning products that may degrade linoleum.

Good advice: always use pH neutral detergent, best with soap flakes as an alternative to linoleum care. For more info about the maintenance of linoleum, visit Forbo, the company behind the linoleum we use.


Sinks can be flush mounted in linoleum tops. Flush mounted means the sink edge is almost plane with the top of the linoleum layer. During the installation process of the sink, the rim may be slightly uneven, so the edge does not feel completely smooth. It is not possible to guarantee a completely smooth edge.

The silicone between the sink and linoleum is approx 3 mm wide and always black silicone, no matter which colour linoleum is chosen