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General Terms of Sales & Delivery General information

Reform Furniture ApS – (hereinafter referred to as Reform) Private Limited Company.
CVR no.: 36397888
Otto Busses Vej 5A, OBV 026

DK-2450 Copenhagen SV

E-mail: hello@reformcph.com Phone: +45 7199 2252 Established: 2014

Bank account information: Danske Bank, Denmark - SWIFT: DABADKKK / IBAN: DK7530003002036312

Application and validity

Any delivery of products is subject to the following terms and conditions unless expressly agreed upon in writing. Terms specified by the Buyer during the ordering process are not regarded as binding unless Reform has agreed to these in writing.


To finalize an order the customer must send a written acceptance of Reform’s final quote which is sent by e-mail. The order process is considered complete when the order is paid in full.

As soon as the payment has been received the order is put into production and therefore no changes can be made to the order.


The final price will appear from the last approved order as well as the payment order. Prices include 25% VAT unless other factors apply. Prices exclude installation. We are not responsible for misprints.


When an order is placed, the full order amount is to be paid. Payment is made via bank transfer to the bank account of Reform.

We will send an invoice for the purchase when our suppliers have concluded the order. This is usually once the order has been delivered. 


All Reform products are made-to-order. In addition, some designs that are manufactured in natural and special materials may vary in expression from item to item. We cannot guarantee that the finish of your product is fully identical to a sample product and showroom model. For example, our veneered fronts may vary in grain and shade.
Aluminum for PLATE and FOLD can patina differently over time and depending on use and maintenance.

In general, all designs manufactured from natural materials may vary and show differences.

Reform cannot guarantee that appliances purchased from third-party providers can be integrated into your kitchen. Please consult IKEA's kitchen department or your household appliances retailer!


Reform’s products are made and produced to order. The order is initiated as soon as payment is received, after which you cannot return your order or receive any refunds.


Lead time and shipping of the order depend on the end destination and material of the fronts and will be stated in the order.

Orders are delivered to curbside unless otherwise stated. Unfortunately, we do not have any option to book a lift or carry-up service for orders delivered outside of Denmark. 

The goods are delivered in a solid birch plywood crate for the protection of the goods. It is the responsibility of the customer to dispose of the crate.

The shipping date is confirmed approximately a week before delivery, and we advise you not to book the installer before our shipping partner has reached out and confirmed the expected delivery date.

International orders are provided with a Track & Trace number that will be sent to the customer as soon as transport is booked. The track and trace will show the estimate for delivery to the courier's warehouse closest to you. The courier will then contact you to further arrange a delivery date.

Longer delivery times can be expected during all public holidays. The applicable delivery time is stated in your final order. Installation is not included.

The customer is responsible for providing the correct shipping address and ensuring that it appears correctly on the approved order confirmation. Any additional transport costs incurred from an incorrectly stated delivery address are the sole responsibility of the customer.

When ordering additional products, delivery can take place in several stages. This will be clarified when the order is placed. At the time the order is placed, the customer will be informed of the shipping and delivery costs.

We have a fixed price of delivery in Denmark and calculate the freight price of international orders based on a combination of weight and volume.

If nobody is home at the specified address at the time of delivery, we take the product with us unless otherwise agreed. Any cost connected with a failed delivery will be charged to the customer. If you want the order to be left at your address, this is at your own risk.

Reform assumes only the risk of transportation to the correct delivery address. The customer assumes responsibility for securing the products after delivery as well as the burden of proof if a claim is made that the products have been lost.

We sent orders in a wooden transportation box so that your order is properly protected. The size of this transportation box may vary depending on the order, and you will be informed about how to handle the transportation box before receipt of the order.

Complaints/Missing items

On receipt of your products, the customer is obliged to examine the received order within two weeks to ensure that they correspond to what has been ordered.

If there is a discrepancy, we will make every attempt to correct the error as soon as possible within 7 days. We assume no further liability than following the Danish Sale of Goods Act for consequential costs in the case of late delivery. Reform recommends that an installer is not booked/scheduled before the order date has been confirmed, or even until the order is received and examined.

In the case of worktops

On receipt of worktops, the buyer is obliged to examine the product and ensure that the worktop has no defects. If there are any defects, the buyer shall be obliged within seven days from delivery to inform Reform of defects so that this can be checked and complied with.

Unless better terms are stated for the individual product, we give a guarantee in pursuance of the Danish Sale of Goods Act of 24 months on all products. The guarantee means that as a customer you can send notice of lack of conformity of the product that appears up to 24 months after you received the product. It is a condition, however, that the lack of conformity has not arisen as a result of your misuse of the product or any other harmful conduct. Furthermore, it is a condition that the flaw existed when you received the product. We will need photographic and dated evidence of this flaw upon delivery.

You must send notice of lack of conformity within a reasonable time after you identified the lack of conformity. If you send notice of lack of conformity within 7 days, the notice is always regarded as having been given in due time. We reimburse reasonable freight costs, but no extra costs for lifts, etc.

As a consumer, you can demand that we remedy the lack of conformity or deliver a new product without defects if the notice of lack of conformity is justified. When we have acquainted ourselves with your notice of lack of conformity we will contact you in writing by e-mail to agree on the subsequent process.


In the case of any warranty case or disagreement, the parties must seek to resolve the disagreement amicably. If a dispute cannot be resolved in this manner, it will be heard before the court in Copenhagen and resolved under Danish law.


We offer a 3-year guarantee on all our fronts. However, we cannot offer a guarantee on fronts for built-in dishwashers. This is due to the risk of hot steam from the dishwasher being so strong that it may damage the front.

For countertops, we offer a 2-year guarantee for defects and functioning purposes that apply for 24 months from the time of delivery and include manufacturing of the product. 

We offer a 10-year warranty on all Reform cabinets.
We offer a 3-year warranty on all Reform Inner storage solutions (pullouts and drawer boxes).
All Blum hardware (hinges and drawer rails) have a 20-year warranty.

Products that have been exposed to force, misuse, overload, inadequate maintenance, incorrect storage, or wrong installation are exempted from these guarantees.

The right to complain is waived when fronts mounted in a bathroom are damaged by moisture or steam.

The warranty does not cover operating loss, loss of time, or any other indirect losses.