Worktop in Linoleum

Some of the best advantages of a linoleum worktop is that it's a natural material that resists stains, smaller surface scratches and is easy to clean. Natural materials have the property of repair itself, which means that over time, little scratches in the surface will disappear. The material is antistatic, which does not attract dust and is also antibacterial. Linoleum maintains its mat surface and the color will not fade over time.

You should be aware that linoleum is a relatively soft material consisting of linseed oil and resin, which means you can not put hot items directly on the surface. Linoleum can be permanently damaged if t's exposed to heat greater than 70 degrees. You should also avoid acidic things and sharp objects on the surface. 
Regular cleaning of linoleum is primarily done with a damp cloth and neutral detergent. Occasionally you can clean and maintain with linoleum care or Monel. You can apply linoleum care to soak in for a short time, and then wash with warm water and remove the treatment.
It's always important to wipe clean if you spill when you cook and place all hot items on hot plates.
To make the linoleum resistant you can apply linoleum care and let it soak up in the surface. Follow the instructions on the linoleum care you use.
Good advice: always use pH neutral detergent, best with soap flakes or Probat as an alternative to linoleum care. For more info about the maintenance of linoleum, visit Forbo, the company behind the linoleum we use.