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Worktop in HDPE

The worktop for MATCH HDPE (High density Polyethylene A 500) is a material that Muller Vanseveren often uses in their critically acclaimed art and designs. This material is well-suited to kitchens due to its stable and robust properties in comparison with other types of plastic. The plastic is often used in the food industry where it is most commonly seen as cutting boards. The hygienic and antibacterial properties of the material make it highly useful for food storage containers as well. The material also lends itself well to recycling. 

It is unaffected by water and steam which also makes it suitable for bathroom use.

The material is untreated and raw with some traces from the production process. This gives the material a tactile expression and texture. 

Scratches will be visible and must be considered a part of this material’s patina. Also please note that small colour discrepancies in the form of small dark/black dots are a part of this material and must be expected to be visible. Ask your consultant for photos of this if you do not have the opportunity to visit one of our showrooms or ordering samples to see the material in real life.

HDPE is easy to clean with a soft cloth wrung in warm water with normal household detergent. Dry off with a soft dry cloth to avoid water stains.