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Fronts in a painted finish

The fronts in the designs BASIS, DEGREE, FRAME, and STRAP are all painted in a two-component paint, gloss 20.
The fronts have a base coat and are spray painted in the chosen color.

PROFILE and UNIT, are painted in a gloss 10, leaving them with a matte finish, while still being easy to clean.

- BASIS is available in white color as a starting point (NCS S 0500N)
It is additionally available in any NCS color code of your choice. A color change entails a surcharge of €200 per color per order.  See the NCS color options here

- FRAME is available in the colors selected by NOTE studio; soft white and baby blue.

- STRAP is available in a painted white; NCS S 0500N

- DEGREE  is available in 2 colors specified by the designer, Cecilie Manz. A light grey and a soft white

- PROFILE is available in five different colors;

  • Dark anthracite (NCS S 8500-N)
  • White (NCS 0300-N)
  • Dark Grey (NCS S 6502-Y)
  • Sand (NCS 2005-Y50R)
  • Grey (NCS 2000-N)

- UNIT is available in five modern colors;

  • Anthracite (NCS S 8000-N)
  • Sand-Gray (NCS S2005-Y20R)
  • White (RAL9010)
  • Green (NCS S 7010 G50Y)
  • Yellow (NCS S 0530-G80Y)
The textured paint has small particles applied to it, which lends the surface a unique, matte, and tactile surface structure.

*Please be aware that a paint job in a special NCS color will not necessarily be identical with the color of another material. Other materials have different surface characteristics which may lead to colors appearing differently. A perfect color equivalency can therefore not be guaranteed.

Care and Maintenance

Please take care to avoid bumps and scratches, as this may result in scratching the paint off. If the paint is scraped off, it is irreversible. It may be possible to fill in the scratch with paint in the same color code as ordered. We recommend either using the color code from the order or going to your local paint supplier to order a small paint sample to use for the minor repair. For an older order where the color has aged, it may be a good idea to take a smaller front to your local paint supplier for a paint scan to find the correct color code.

Cleaning should be done with a soft cloth wrung in warm water with a mild detergent. Remember to finish by wiping off with a dry soft cloth.

- Although very resistant, the painted surface must still never be treated with products containing abrasive substances, macro abrasive sponges or unsuitable materials such as sandpaper or steel wool

- strongly acidic or alkaline products should be avoided because they can stain the surface

- bleach and heavily-chlorinated products should be avoided because they can degrade the surface.

- do not use furniture polishes or wax-based cleaners in general, because they tend to form a sticky layer on the surface that attracts and traps dirt

- do not use metal scrapers, iron brushes or any other metal tool to remove stains, paint, plaster or other substances from the surface.