Fronts in Linoleum

In our Basis design, you can choose fronts with a linoleum surface and there's 21 different colors to choose from. Linoleum is glued on a MDF board, where edges are made from solid oak (natural oak or smoked oak) and the backside and the handle is made from veneer (natural or smoked oak). It's the same with cover panels for a kitchen in linoleum, which means that all edges on a cover panel will be with a solid oak edge. It applies more detail to the overall expression in the kitchen, a kitchen that shows off more natural materials. 

Linoleum is a product we are happy to recommend, as it is a natural material with a lot of advantages and unique features. In particular it is the durability and the organic, matte surface that makes this material unique.

Because linoleum is a natural material, slight variations may occur on some of the lighter colors we offer, including the colors: Pearl, Mushroom, Vapor, Ash and Pebble. Within a range we can expect slight color differences from one piece of linoleum to another.  

Though these color fluctuations do not always occur, it’s not possible for us to guarantee that the color of your linoleum will be identical to the sample or the model in the showroom.  In some cases it is possible to treat the surface with a linoleum-care product, which may help to compensate for the variation in shading. In addition, since linoleum is a natural product, its color may change slightly as it ages in its actual environment. Therefore, old and new linoleum products can’t be compared, and showroom models or a sample should always been seen as a close approximation of the final product.

To ensure your linoleum fronts stay durable and pretty over time, it's important that the fronts are continuously maintained with correct cleaning product and in some cases protective care products. Below are some advice on how to best maintain linoleum.

Linoleum Fronts:
The daily cleaning must be done with a soft, lint-free cloth soaked in hot water. You can "scrub" places where there may be spots, though still with an soft cloth. When cleaning linoleum fronts, always use pH neutral soap, in a mild solution. In addition to daily cleaning, linoleum fronts must be maintained thoroughly with linoleum care 3-4 times a year or as needed. For thorough cleaning use Monel Linoleum soap.
  • Daily cleaning is done with wiped cloth in hot water
  • Regular cleaning is done with pH neutral soap - eg natural soap flakes
  • In difficult spots, linoleum care is recommended, eg Monel or Riisfort.
  • Never use steel wool or a sponge with a rough surface when cleaning
  • Thorough treatment of linoleum with preventive linoleum care products should be applied approximately 3-4 times a year or as needed
  • Avoid exposure to heat and moisture as this may cause shields
  • To avoid permanent stains, use protective hot plate under vases, cups, glasses, etc.
  • Avoid chemicals and vinegar or any acid containing fluids
  • When treating fronts in linoleum, treatment should be done on both sides, which means that the veneer on the back should receive treatment a few times a year with a bees wax by the brand Guardian.