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Maintaining linoleum fronts

To ensure your linoleum fronts stay durable and pretty over time, it's important that the fronts are continuously maintained with correct cleaning product and in some cases protective care products.

Below, some advice on how to best maintain linoleum.

Regular cleaning

  • Clean with a damp cloth, optional a pH-neutral detergent can be used.
    • Remove stains immediately after spillage.

Occasional deep cleaning

Apply a 5 % solution of a pH-neutral detergent in water.

  • • Allow soaking for 10 minutes.
    • Scrub the surface gently with a soft scrub brush.
    • Pick up dirty water.
    • Rinse with clean water and allow surface to dry.
    • Apply a thin maintenance film of undiluted Forbo Monel.
    • Buff vigorously with a clean (new) cotton pad/rag.

Preventive measures and stain removal

  • Sharp items may cause scratches, use soft protection in case of doubt
    • Remove stains immediately after spillage (such as ink, coffee, tea, red wine)
    • Prevent stubborn stains from forming; use coasters under flowerpots, vases, cups etc
    • for stubborn stains such as ink and pencil, use a clean cloth and neutral cleaner

Please note that linoleum is an organic material. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of linoleum in areas with high impact of water and strong chemical substances - Including alkaline cleaning products that may degrade linoleum


Good advice: always use pH neutral detergent, best with soap flakes as an alternative to linoleum care. For more info about the maintenance of linoleum, visit Forbo, the company behind the linoleum we use.

  • When treating fronts in linoleum, treatment should be done on both sides, which means that the veneer on the back should receive treatment a few times a year with a bees wax by the brand Guardian