Cover panels, inserts and plinths

We offer all additional elements for your kitchen, so that the cover panels, inserts and plinth matches your requested design and your kitchen achieves the best finish. You can also order these elements in any custom sizes if you need to. 
Cover panels
Cover panels are used to cover all visible sides. This could be the end of your kitchen. It can also be cover panels for a tall cabinet. Cover panels must be added for all the visible sides of your kitchen and mounted directly onto the IKEA cabinet. Our cover panels are 19mm in thickness. We recommend that cover panels go out and align with the fronts, so as a general rule, you should add 20mm to the depths of your cover panel. As a standard cover panels are 62 cm in depth.
You can not place IKEA cabinets 100% next to the wall, as there is need of a few centimeters of space to open the cupboard. Inserts are needed to cover the space between an IKEA cabinet and the wall. Reform produces an insert which by default is 15 cm in width, and you always adapt the width when the kitchen is installed. Inserts are mounted generally by using angle brackets and screwed from the inside of the cabinet. Please follow IKEA instructions on this. 
Plinths covers and fits legs for the IKEA cabinets. Plinths comes with a small clip on mechanism that can be put directly onto the IKEA cabinet legs. Plinths have a standard size of 8 x 200 cm, and should be adjusted on site. We advise you in how many pieces you will need for the entire kitchen. You can order plinths in painted MDF, veneer, copper or aluminum, depending on the design, it's matching.