Worktop in solid wood

Many might consider wooden worktops as a traditional choice for a kitchen worktop and we agree that it's definitely a classic choice. We believe that the oak is a timeless, warm material, and therefore offers wooden worktops in solid natural oak or solid smoked oak.

Wooden worktops are purely a natural material so variations in color and structure may occur. Differences in the form of knots and in the grain are not considered an error only a characteristic of this well-known natural material.
Wood is a living material and will change over time depending on what the surface is exposed to. The more moisture you inflict on the tree, the more the wood may expand. The rods in wooden worktop are glued together, and under the influence of heat could eventually detach and fall apart. Similarly, it may leave stains or dark spots, if the surface is exposed to heat or damp elements, and therefore should always be placed on hot plates and wipe off excessive water. 
The solid wooden worktop is best treated with oil, and during production been treated with oil prior to delivery. During the first month you should apply additional oil treatment.You also apply oil as a preventive treatment. 
Kitchen elements such as a coffee machine or toaster may expose the worktop to heat which could cause cracking or discoloration.
To clean a wooden worktop only plain warm water with a damp cloth should be used. Avoid using detergent, as it can dry out the tree, which will require the tree to be treated more frequently with oil. There is a natural content of acid in oak, which has anti-bacterial properties and makes wooden worktop a good and hygienic choice.
Wooden worktops can be repaired and sanded down if needed. After sanding you should treat with oil. Please research how a wooden worktop is sanded properly before you begin treatment.

UP af Lendager Group worktops

Specific for UPs worktops and solidwood products; for either the white or dark oiled surface treated worktops we have used Junckers product "Rustic oil" in the respective colours in "white" or "black". All information about care and maintenance are described in below link.

Junckers - Rustic oil