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Worktop paired with different designs

When choosing a worktop, it can be very individual which type of material or design suits you best. The worktop will be the one element in your kitchen that acquires most personality over time, and in many ways should fit your temperament, aesthetics and desire for maintenance.  We have recommendations on which worktops can be combined with different designs, but there is no limitations on how you can mix between the designs. The architects of the various designs have all given their views on how the materials and colors can be combined, but you are welcome to combine freely.

We always recommend to research and find out more about the materials you want your worktop produced in, because only you would know, if that specific worktop is a great fit for you. We suggest you familiarize yourself with how a worktop is maintained. Different materials have different requirements for maintenance and care. It's important that you are aware of both how preventive and ongoing treatment should be acquired, to ensure that your worktop will last for many years. You can read more about maintaining the worktops under the section: Care and maintenance.