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Worktop in Corian and Getacore

Mineral Worktops

Getacore and Corian are both mineral worktops with acrylic as the binder. This type of worktop is extremely impact resistant and robust and can withstand most with its hard surface. It is also non-porous and thus very hygienic.

Both Getacore and Corian are convenient work surfaces, as the seams can be welded, leaving assembly seams nearly invisible.

Over time, scratches may appear in the surface, which can be removed by gently scrubbing the worktop, similar to a wooden worktop. If you want to polish your worktop and give it a new life, it's definitely possible, but we recommend you contact a specialist who has experience with maintenance and treatment of a mineral worktop. To avoid deeper and untreatable scratches, you should never expose the surface to direct contact with knives, iron and ceramic and always use cutting boards. Daily cleaning is done with clean, warm water and a damp cloth with regular all-purpose cleaning. Avoid cleaning with acidic or abrasive products and products with a high content of wax and oil as these will leave the surface greasy. Did you choose a color for your mineral worktop where limescale stains seems more visible, you can clean these by dissolving white wine vinegar in water. It should be just a mild mixture and low concentrated. To maintain a consistant look across the entire surface, you should always remove stains immediately after cooking.