Installing the kitchen cabinets

When setting up the kitchen cabinets, it is important to follow the instruction manual from IKEA, which is included when you buy the kitchen at IKEA. We recommend you consult with professional kitchen fitters or other carpenters, who has experience in the field before starting the setup of the kitchen.


When setting up the cabinets you use a wall rail or angle brackets, and if you do not take this into use, another method to ensure correct and safe installation of cabinets must be done according to a professional. You must first attach cover panels and inserts when the cabinets are installed. Remember that a cabinet should have a few centimeters from the wall to open 100% and to close this small gap you use filler pieces called 'inserts'. If there are gaps in the wall, you can place the cabinets with a little extra distance from the wall, and just remember to order a worktop that takes this into account.