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Handles for STRAP

BIG has designed fronts with a rare and unique handle design. Aside from the black, nylon materiale - which is material from seat belts - the handle also comes in leather.

The leather variant comes in black and brown. For this design, the leather is a type of leather called anilin leather. It has a soft and smooth surface, which brings a lovely feel to the handle. The leather is not surface treated, which means it'll change over time and show patine. You should avoid cleaning the leather handles with soap or chemical detergent, as it will dry out the leather. The best treatment for this leather type is using pH neutral and 100 % natural soap flakes, but for further maintenance, you should always use professional cleaning and protection products, which can be purchased in most furniture shops. 

This handle is only available for this design, and is not sold separately.

Here's product pictures of the leather handles for both painted and veneered BIG fronts: