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We offer a 10-year warranty on all Reform cabinets, shelves, ventilation shelves, etc.


We offer a 3-year warranty on all Reform Inner storage solutions (pullouts & drawer boxes). All hardware (hinges and drawer rails) have a 20-year warranty.


We offer a 3-year guarantee on our fronts, doors, cover panels, filler pieces and plinths. Fronts for integrated dishwashers are excluded from warranty, as the hot steam from the dishwasher may cause the surface on the front to crack and damage over time.



All worktop materials have a 2-year warranty


The fine print

The warranty does not cover goods that have been exposed to force, misuse, excessive load, inadequate maintenance, incorrect storage or incorrect installation. We do not assume liability for installation faults caused by a third-party kitchen fitter. We cannot assume liability for any planning errors caused by the customer or any third party. We cannot guarantee that appliances purchased from third-party providers can be integrated into a Reform kitchen. The warranty solely includes the repair or exchange of defective goods. No compensation is offered for operating losses, loss of time, or other forms of indirect loss.