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Good advice before buying a worktop

Your worktop should fit 100%. We therefore recommend professional measuring of the room and cabinets.

We think it looks best if the worktop aligns with the fronts. Therefore, we usually recommend a standard depth of ca 62 cm for your worktop, this may vary a bit depending on the thickness of the fronts chosen and if push is added. It may well be that your particular worktop has some individual requirements, and if you are unsure about something in regards to the measurements of your worktop, contact us or your measurer.

The sink is most commonly placed in the center of the sink cabinet, so we always measure the distance from the edge of the worktop to the center of sink cabinet, when placing the sink. The same goes for the placement of cutout to hob. When ordering a table top with pre made cutouts to hob it is important to provide the dimensions of the hob cut out and not the hob itself. No results found