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Fronts in steel

The fronts in our REFLECT design are made with a surface of sturdy steel imbued with vertical ridges, it is available in two variants: natural metal and black. Both variants come with a high-gloss, reflective surface.

Made from a core of colored MFC, the surface is a thin embossed stainless steel sheet framed with extruded profiles of anodized aluminum on all sides. The handle is integrated and formed by the top extruded aluminum profile. 

Both variants have been finished off with a clear varnish making the material resistant to daily use and household detergents while maintaining the aesthetics of the metal. 

Please note that some degree of visible finger smudge on the surface from daily use is inevitable – although the treatment ensures that the material doesn’t oxidize over time and makes the material easy to clean and maintain.

The fronts can be cleaned with a soft cloth wrung in warm water and normal, mild household detergent. Remember to finish off by wiping with a dry soft cloth.