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Fronts in raw aluminium

The fronts in our FOLD design and PLATE design in raw aluminium are made from the same material.

The aluminium is raw and round brushed so it has a scratched criss cross pattern to make the surface tactile and matte. 
The raw aluminium will oxidize over time, giving it a darker glow and the material will show fingerprints. 

The aluminium can be polished and cleaned, however the idea is to have it age with marks and oxidization, making the surface rustic, industrial and living.

For the daily cleaning, simply a damp soft cloth. Just water will be fine, but you can add a bit of mild detergent. Dry off with a dry soft cloth.

In case you wish to polish the aluminium, we recommend using aluminium cleaner/polish.

The back panel of the FOLD front can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth wrung in warm water with a mild detergent.

For the PLATE design, the MDF core has been treated with beeswax, which can be reapplied when necessary.