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Maintaining Fronts in lacquered veneer

A guide to maintaining your lacquered veneer fronts

The PROFILE, UNIT, and DEGREE fronts in lacquered veneer are close to maintenance-free. The clear lacquer is a gloss 10, leaving them with a matte finish, while still being easy to clean.

The lacquer will seal the surface but it will not protect from ageing colour changes. So over time, the colour of the natural oak veneer will darken and the dark oak may lighten due to UV exposure.

Please take care to avoid bumps and scratches, as this may result in scratching the lacquer off. If lacquer is scraped off, it is irreversable.

Cleaning should be done with a soft cloth wrung in warm water with a mild detergent. Remember to finish by wiping off with a dry soft cloth.

- Although very resistant, the lacquered surface must still never be treated with products containing abrasive substances, macro abrasive sponges or unsuitable materials such as sandpaper or steel wool - strongly acidic or alkaline products should be avoided because they can stain the surface - bleach and heavily-chlorinated products should be avoided because they can degrade the surface. - do not use furniture polishes or wax-based cleaners in general, because they tend to form a sticky layer on the surface that attracts and traps dirt.