Confirming your measurements

When sending your work plans for the kitchen, make sure to check all measurements are correct

It is important to make sure to include ALL measurements, as this will be the foundation upon which the whole plan will be based. We do recommend having your installer or another third-party professional help with making sure all measurements are correct.

1: Start by measuring from the floor to the ceiling. Then measure the distance between walls and from the corners to the doors.

2: Measure each window and its distance from the floor, the ceiling, and the corners of your room. Do the same for the door(s).

3: Use a try square to measure the angles of the corners. Indicate if they are 90° or different. 

4: Make note of anything that sticks out into the room, such as radiators, ventilation shafts, pipes, door frames, and skirting boards. 

5: Measure and mark the position of existing power outlets (behind and above the kitchen) and light switches. Detail where you want new ones to be, too. 

6: Note the position of your drains and water supply. If you plan to relocate these, indicate their new positions. 

7: Measure and mark potential existing or planned tiles above the kitchen. 

8: Measure the leveling of the floor and the wall. They might be crooked so make sure to indicate if there is any difference in the level within the area of the planned kitchen. 

Please note that Reform does not take responsibility for the validity of any of the measurements of the space.