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Compact Laminate

A very robust and practical material, compact laminate is the hard-wearing and hygienic choice when it comes to countertops.

The compact laminate countertop is made under high pressure and high temperatures from a composite of resin-impregnated layers of high-pressure laminate. The manufacturing process makes the material very robust and highly suitable for use as a countertop because of its high degree of resistance to scratches and stains.

The material is waterproof and resistant to acid-based solvents while also being antibacterial for enhanced hygiene. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Daily cleaning is done with a damp cloth.
Avoid excessive use of detergents/sulfo products, as it may result in a greasy surface. A mild universal cleaner may be used to remove stubborn dirt

Laminate is wear resistant and require a minimum of maintenance. Laminate is resistant to common household chemicals and cleansers, but not too strong acids and bases.

Spot removal
Coloured foods and liquids should be removed immediately, as they may cause discolouration. Stubborn dirt and a greasy surface can be removed by using a laminate cleaner:

Scratch resistance
Never use sharp objects directly against the laminate; instead, use a cutting board. Avoid materials such as pottery and pots made out of cast iron as they can scratch the surface.
Scratches in unicoloured and/or smooth surfaces may be more visible.

Compact laminate countertops are not heat resistant.
Compact laminate is resistant to steam from household appliances as it is a solid material.
Always use trivets or similar for hot pots and pans.




12 mm / 15/32" 

Surface finish