Changing your order

Something changed in your plans after you ordered?

We have no products in stock and always produce each product when you request an order.

This means that it may not be possible to change your order once it is placed, it all depends on which stage of the process the order has reached. Check with your sales rep about your specific order.

We produce everything custom to you and don't recycle any products that are ordered incorrectly.

If you would like to make changes to your order, it may affect the price and delivery time of your order.

We always ask that you double-check your order before confirming to make sure it lives up to your requirements. We will make sure to check the order internally to make sure it all looks correct.

If you have any custom-sized panels in your order, please note we don't hold any responsibility that the panel fits to the purpose, but only ensure that it's produced in the size it has been ordered in.