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Reform Cabinets and Interior Options

We have created sturdy and beautiful cabinets and interior storage solutions for a great aesthetic inside and out

The Reform cabinets comprise an innovative clicking-technology that creates a quick and uncomplicated user experience. The cabinets are assembled through the simple act of clicking them together – without the need for tools or screws. Our cabinets are made from high-quality materials, offering a solid inner foundation for the modern outer design, and they’re just as durable and robust as cabinets that require screw assembly. They come in black, white and oak laminate, and the entire system is modular, which means that we can accommodate the unique and specific requirements of any given kitchen space.

The Reform cabinets feature MFC, a TSCA/CARB-certified material, which has been produced through sustainable and responsible methods. The leading edges are 1 mm ABS, and the side, top and bottom boards have a robust thickness of 18 mm while the back panel has been fortified with additional thickness. As an added benefit, the cabinets are manufactured as flatpack items, which optimises space management during shipping and makes transportation more sustainable.

The Reform inside storage solution consist of steel or wooden drawers.

Our solid wood drawers come in a vibrant range of smoked oak, natural oak, and ash finishes, and their robust construction ensures safe and optimal storage of your essential everyday items. All of our drawers are easily installed and the wooden option is compatible with IKEA’s METOD/SEKTION kitchen system.

Our steel drawers come in a light and elegant design featuring laminated chipboard. They perform well even when they’re fully extended and loaded with heavy items. This means that wide and heavy pull-outs will run smoothly thanks to the design’s excellent carrying capacity.