Mounted sink

When you order a worktop from Reform, we customize it 100% to your individual needs. It also means that it is possible to provide the worktop with a sink mounted and pre installed upon delivery - either plan mounted or under mounted into the worktop. It only requires that you give us the exact measurements for the cut out, supplemented by a drawing of the sinks position in the worktop. Depending on what material the worktop has been ordered in, there will be different preferred options and opportunities for mounting a sink.
In a linoleum worktop the sink will be mounted in level or plan with the worktop and it is important that the sink has a steel edge in the back where the tap is installed. This ensures a durable and hygienic solution.

In both steel, concrete and mineral worktops sinks can be molded or welded as part of the table top, which means that the sink created from the exact same material as the worktop.