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Standard Drawers

Standard drawers – The budget-friendly Reform solution

We now offer the possibility of a budget-friendly  complete Reform solution. As a natural extension of our  dedicated focus on affordable design and quality, we  have developed a STANDARD drawer in white steel and MFC made for the Reform cabinets. When combined with  our high-quality cabinets, the complete Reform solution  with STANDARD drawers offers an affordable solid inner  foundation for the modern outer design.  

Our sleek and adaptable STANDARD drawers are made  from white steel and MFC. They come with a carrying  capacity of 30 kg, an integrated soft-close function for  smooth and quiet closure, and synchronized drawer  runners for problem-free operating performance. Adding  to that, the drawers feature customizability options and  garbage assortment.  

The STANDARD drawers come in three different sizes:  Low, medium and high, and can be mounted directly to  the front or used as an inner drawer. Together with the  possibility of choosing a depth and width that fit your  

measurements, the drawers can be combined in multiple  ways depending on your needs.  


The complete Reform solution with STANDARD drawers  and cabinets makes your kitchen process easy and  uncomplicated. Once the kitchen has been planned with  one of our sales consultants, the entire kitchen  – including cabinets, drawers, accessories and fronts  – will be ready for a complete order. Once the order  arrives, the entire kitchen can be installed in one take. 


The Reform cabinets comprise an innovative clicking technology that creates a quick and uncomplicated user  experience. The cabinets are assembled through the  simple act of clicking them together – without the need  for tools or screws. Our cabinets are just as durable and  robust as cabinets that require screw assembly, and  the entire system is modular, which means that we can  accommodate the unique and specific requirements  of any given kitchen space.