Overall advice before ordering IKEA/Reform

We have collected various tips for you that we believe you should take into account when you buy a Reform kitchen. It is intended as a checklist of all the little things that might be overlooked in the process.

*Please note that our kitchen selection only corresponds with the current kitchen system from IKEA's METOD series.
We do not make any solutions for the discontinued kitchen series AKURUM and FAKTUM.

  • Always follow installation instructions from IKEA when setting up the cabinets. Reform does not deliver a manual. In the installation instructions it is shown how the cabinets should be installed safely and correctly, and how fronts etc. are mounted. It is also shown how different types of fronts should be mounted differently
  • You order all the parts for your cabinet in IKEA, remember hinges, shelves etc. Reform only supply the front
  • If you want built-in appliances, but buy you appliances elsewhere than IKEA make sure that the chosen product fits into IKEA cabinets
  • Reform fronts are 19-23 mm in thickness, which should be added to the depths of your worktop in order for the it to align with the fronts
  • Reform's cover panels are 3-22 mm in thickness, which should be added to the length of your worktop, so it aligns with the cover panel. Again, we recommend adding ca 20 mm, for it to be aligned
  • When measuring for the worktop, be sure to account for irregularities in e.g. the wall, that the cabinets are mounted to. If the surface is uneven, you may need to adjust this to the depths of your worktop on site
  • When producing the kitchen fronts we subtract 3 mm. to the width and height, so there appears a small, visible gap between all fronts. This prevent fronts from encountering when it's opened
  • Standard depth for a worktop ordered at Reform will be 62 cm. The depth of the cabinet incl. a wall track is 60 cm and the front is 20 mm. Order the worktop with excess measures, if you are unsure whether the standard depth fits in your specific case
  • The depth of a cover panel is 62-62,3 cm so that it aligns with the front
  • When mounting the front for dishwasher you should follow the instructions that are included with the appliance at IKEA/other appliances supplier. To ensure the best fitting, we recommend that you buy the dishwasher at IKEA
  • If you want the same expression of divided drawer fronts for the dishwasher, you can easily do so, and just remember to buy a connection called 'Våglig' at IKEA. This is only guaranteed to fit the IKEA DW.
  • Plinth pieces in front of a refrigerator and freezer must have ventilation options. Plinths from us must be adapted, e.g by drilling holes in the plinth that is placed in front of the fridge
  • Plinths and inserts are always ordered in a standard width, and should be cut into right size when installing
  • If you have an induction stove above the oven, allow for 5 cm space between the worktop and the oven. Above the oven you order a small panel to close off the small gap and below the oven you order a custom made drawer front that's 15cm in height
  • To increase stability and strength, we have added 1 more hinge drilling to our doors compared to the IKEA ones. This extra drilling is placed in the top half of the doors to avoid any challenges when installing drawers in the bottom half of the cabinet