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Fronts for wardrobes

So you want a nice looking wardrobe to complete your home? We can help with that too!

We also produce fronts for IKEA's wardrobe series PAX, only the hinged doors. We produce fronts in all standard measurements IKEA also provides their fronts.

To increase stability and strength, we have added 1 more hinge drilling to our doors compared to the IKEA ones. This extra drilling is placed in the top half of the doors to avoid any challenges when installing drawers in the bottom half of the cabinet.
(Remember to order extra hinges from IKEA)

We can make fronts to fit PAX in most of our designs, but some of our materials have some restrictions, hindering it to be applicable to PAX cabinets:

  • FOLD (cannot be made for doors over 140 cm)
  • PROFILE (only available for kitchen cabinets)
  • REFLECT (only available for kitchen cabinets)


The PAX cabinets from IKEA come with a built-in plinth section. The Reform doors can be made to either cover this plinth or not.

For PAX cabinets placed on the floor, we recommend that the doors cover the plinth of the PAX cabinet, so this is not visible when the doors are closed.


The shallow PAX cabinets of 37 cm are suited to hang on the wall if the wall is strong enough. Then cut the plinth part off the PAX wardrobe and we will order the doors to fit the cabinet without a plinth.

We don't suggest hanging your wardrobe cabinets on the wall, unless you have been advised to do so from a professional installer. 


 If you have visible sides of your wardrobe, we also offer cover panels in the selected design