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Fronts for bathroom

We also manufacture fronts, cover panels, and worktops for selected models in the bathroom series GODMORGON.

You can choose from all our designs. Send us measurements of the chosen GODMORGON model or a link to the GODMORGON model you want and we'll be able to create a quote for you.

Please note that we only make fronts for the GODMORGON series from 2016 and onward, send us pictures of the back side of your drawer fronts and we can check which version you have.


PROFILE is not available for GODMORGON. As an alternative to the bathroom series GODMORGON we also see opportunities in building your bathroom cabinets from the kitchen series METOD.

In our view, they can be used for the same purpose and while having different measurements than the bathroom serie it also bring other variations of sizes and opportunities to create your bathroom furniture.