Your Reform Kitchen

We are very pleased that you are interested in a Reform kitchen!

General information about the purchase process

The Reform solution

The IKEA/Reform solution 

Reform also offers the IKEA/Reform solution. We can put our fronts on your existing IKEA modules, or you can plan your new kitchen with IKEA and buy all the items you need yourself and we will supply the fronts and countertops to match the cabinets. We recommend that you take a look at the different cabinet and equipment options on site at your IKEA store and have your kitchen planned and drawn. It's best to make an appointment with IKEA in advance for your planning. Alternatively, you can create a plan yourself from home using the IKEA planning program. 

The following applies to both options: 

Once all details have been discussed and our offer is suitable for you, your order will go through our internal check (4-eyes principle). Afterwards you will receive your order confirmation. If your countertop exceeds 240 cm in length, you will need helpers to carry the countertop for delivery. For stainless steel countertops, please contact us before delivery so that we can inform you about the weight of your countertop and you can plan the delivery accordingly.  If you have ordered a countertop from our Danish manufacturer or from a local manufacturer, it will be delivered separately from the rest of your order. Delivery times vary depending on the material and manufacturer. If you know at the time of ordering that you will not be able to accept your delivery within the specified delivery time, please inform us in advance. Then we can plan accordingly in the production. If your order is already produced, but you are not able to accept it, you can have your order stored at our shipping company for a fee.


If you do not have a complete measurement of your kitchen, we will gladly refer you to our service partner for a professional measurement. The coordination takes place in advance online/by e-mail between you and the measurement team.  In most major cities and metropolitan areas, we can recommend installation teams. Just contact us, so that we can send you the corresponding contact details.   

Things to know about our fronts and worktops


We create your offer based on your IKEA planning. We take over all room dimensions as well as the fronts division and the handle position. If you wish a different design and handle position, please send us a corresponding sketch. Otherwise, we assume that you want the representation planned by IKEA.  We offer all dimensions that are available from IKEA. In addition, we also offer a few additional dimensions (such as full cover panels for kitchen islands, fitting strips). All fronts have the appropriate pre-drilled holes. We deliver all fronts without holes, for which a drilling template is supplied by IKEA or a third-party supplier. This relates:
  •    Dishwasher fronts
  •    Horizontal wall cabinet doors
  •    Fronts for under-counter refrigerators and washing machines
  •    Pull out fronts 20 x 80 cm and 30 x 80 cm 
Reform fronts are 19 to 23 mm thick. You should take this into account when choosing the depth of your worktop so that it is flush with the fronts. When manufacturing the fronts, we subtract 3 mm from all width and height specifications (production dimension) so that a narrow, visible gap remains between the fronts. This way the fronts do not bump into each other when opened. If you want your dishwasher front to be made of two components to better match your drawer fronts, that's no problem. With the Reform complete solution, the connecting rail comes from us. With the IKEA/Reform solution you have to buy a connecting rail from IKEA. However, we can only guarantee that this rail will fit IKEA dishwashers. For all other third-party appliances, please contact the respective manufacturer in advance. We offer you fillers and plinths in prefabricated standard dimensions. They have to be cut to size on site. On request, we can also produce them in the appropriate size. For this purpose, we recommend that you take measurements of the already assembled kitchen to ensure that the parts fit 100%.

What you need to know about our worktops

Basically, we strongly advise you to build the kitchen first with a temporary top and then have a professional countertop measurement taken after the cabinets are built. Only this way you can be 100% sure that the countertop will fit perfectly. We offer a variety of materials that have different properties and fit different budgets. Please inform yourself in advance comprehensively about the different countertop materials and the respective assembly and product information, so that you know how the countertop must be treated both in everyday life and at regular intervals, so that you can enjoy it for many years. You can find important information about countertops here We always calculate countertops based on your IKEA planning or your measurement data. When determining the dimensions of your countertop, you should always take into account any unevenness in walls, cutouts for hobs and sinks, and adjustments to other objects. Reform worktops are approx. 62 cm deep as standard. The depth of the cabinets (incl. hanging rail) is 60 cm, the fronts are max. 23 mm thick. We recommend you to order a slightly deeper worktop if you are not sure whether the standard depth is sufficient in your case (due to possible unevenness of the walls/floor). Countertops are always flush with fronts and side panels. Let us know if you want an overhang. Also, we always add 1 mm to the actual cabinet dimension. The cabinets and the countertops have manufacturing tolerances. With the buffer we can prevent the worktop from being a few millimeters too short in the end. If you want to use our fronts with push-to-open, we add 3 mm to the depth of the worktop, because the fronts do not lie flat due to the mechanism.  Our solid wood countertops are available in a variety of wood species. They are always bar-glued with a bar size of 42 mm x 360 mm. You can find more information about our solid wood countertops here. Ceramic, Dekton and natural stone countertops are always produced after measurement by our local partners. The measuring team decides on site if a countertop can be produced in one piece or has to be divided and where this division will be placed. In addition, the actual price of the countertops may differ from the offer after the measurement appointment, should other dimensions be required than first offered. For countertops from our local partners, there are always special conditions for installation. It is imperative that you contact us before the scheduled measurement appointment so that you can prepare your kitchen accordingly. 

Things to know about natural materials

Wood veneer and linoleum are made from natural, renewable raw materials, so there may be slight color variations and different grains in different batches. The sample you order may therefore differ from your order. Please keep this in mind when reordering or making a complaint.



We also produce fronts for the hinged doors of the PAX closet series from IKEA. The dimensions of our fronts match those of the corresponding IKEA fronts. In order to increase stability and strength, we have added an additional hinge hole to our fronts compared to the IKEA doors. This additional hole is located in the top half of the doors to avoid problems when installing drawers in the bottom half of the cabinet. Feel free to talk to us about what designs are available for the Pax closet series from IKEA.


We also offer fronts, deck sides and cover plates for selected bathroom furniture from the GODMORGON series, of certain designs. If you send us the dimensions of the desired GODMORGON model or a link to the item, we will prepare a quote for you. However, note here that our fronts are primarily suitable for use in the kitchen and should be installed only in sufficiently large bathrooms, as they do not have a wet room coating. To keep the fronts in good condition for a long time, we recommend using them only in bathrooms that have good ventilation or a window to allow steam and moisture to escape. For Godmorgon cabinets, Ikea fronts are always included in the Ikea order. As an alternative to the GODMORGON series, you can also use cabinets from the METOD kitchen series as bathroom furniture. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this. All important information about the available IKEA systems can be found here.

What you should consider before ordering your kitchen

The Reform solution

If you have chosen a complete Reform solution, all the cabinets, drawers, accessories and small parts you need for the assembly will come from us (except for special mounting rails). If you decide to use built-in electrical appliances from a manufacturer other than IKEA, or from our offer, make sure that they fit into our Reform cabinets. Always follow our assembly instructions when assembling your Reform cabinets, drawers and fronts.

You can find all important assembly instructions here.


The IKEA/Reform solution 

Our fronts, fascias, baseboards and countertops completely replace the corresponding IKEA parts. So you only buy the framework from IKEA, ie:
  •    Cabinets including shelves
  •    drawers (if desired)
  •    hinges (please note that for FRAME you need the 110° hinges)
  •    Legs
  •    Full extension slides
  •    Assembly rails
  •    Connecting rails to join several fronts together
  •    Electrical appliances (on request)
  •    Lighting (on request)
For our dark designs we recommend you to buy the dark carcasses at IKEA. If you have any questions about the features or equipment of individual elements, you can always contact the IKEA consultants directly. We can help you with all your questions about reform products, fronts and countertops. You can get all information about kitchen cabinets and kitchen equipment at your IKEA store. Be sure to follow IKEA's assembly instructions when assembling the cabinets and drawers for your IKEA/Reform kitchen. The IKEA instructions show how to safely and stably assemble the cabinets and attach the fronts to them. They also explain what to consider when attaching different types of fronts. When attaching a front for a dishwasher, you should also follow the IKEA assembly instructions or the instructions from the supplier of your choice.

The following applies to both options: 

Skirting boards in front of refrigerators and freezers must have ventilation holes. Holes must be drilled in our baseboards before they can be installed in front of such appliances. If an induction range is placed above an oven, there should be 5 cm of space between the countertop and the oven. You will need to order a cover for the narrow gap above the oven, and a custom-made 15 cm drawer front for the area below the oven. Please read all important assembly instructions and care and maintenance instructions before delivery.

The small print

We strongly recommend that you have a professional measurement done before ordering. You can easily book this through us. If you give us your measurements yourself, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit for the kitchen. The same applies to countertops. Here, a special countertop measurement should be made before the final plate is ordered, otherwise it may happen that the plate does not fit exactly. We also cannot guarantee countertop dimensions calculated by us based on your design, as the cabinets will always have tolerances that we cannot foresee beforehand. We are continuously working on improving our designs and the quality of our fronts. Please keep this in mind when placing repeat orders and complaints and inform us accordingly so that we can ensure that everything fits together in the end. We cannot be held responsible for design errors caused by you or IKEA. We will do our best to deliver your order on time and within the specified time. Depending on the product, the production time is 6 to 15 weeks. Since the production of certain products is more time consuming and our production also relies on the supply of materials from various suppliers, the delivery time may vary for some designs. In addition, longer delivery times may occur due to holidays, during the summer vacations or due to workload. However, we will inform you immediately about any delays, but cannot accept any liability for this. Since we reserve the right to deviate from the planned delivery date, we strongly advise you to book your installer or fitter only after you have agreed a fixed delivery date with the shipping company. The order process starts with the receipt of your payment. Please make sure to check the number of packages on the delivery bill before confirming the delivery with your signature and report any damaged or missing parts to us immediately and before you have installed them on your kitchen. A claim for transport damage is only possible within 5 working days after receipt of the goods and must be sufficiently documented. 
We prepare our offers with the utmost care. At the same time, we are all human and sometimes mistakes happen to us too. Therefore it is important that you check our offer carefully. If something does not seem plausible to you or you do not understand something, talk to us! This way we can ensure together that you get your dream kitchen.

Warranty and return policy

Depending on the product category, different warranty conditions apply. You can find a list here:  CUPBOARDS STORAGE All hardware FRONTS COUNTERTOPSOn countertops, the warranty depends on the supplier. In the range of 2 to 3 years. Feel free to ask us for a specific warranty for the product you are interested in. In cases where a product has been subjected to violence, abuse, overloading, improper care, improper storage, or improper assembly or installation, we cannot provide a warranty. We do not accept liability for installation errors caused by a third party kitchen installerWe cannot accept liability for design errors caused by the customer or IKEA. We cannot guarantee that appliances purchased from third party suppliers can be integrated into a Reform kitchen or IKEA/Reform kitchen. The warranty covers repair or replacement of defective goods only. No compensation is offered for loss of service, loss of time or other indirect losses. Please note our separate warranty policy for natural stone countertops.

Warranty on fronts for bathrooms

Our fronts are primarily suitable for use in the kitchen and should only be installed in sufficiently large bathrooms, as they do not have a wet room coating. To keep the fronts in good condition for a long time, we recommend using them only in bathrooms that have good ventilation or a window to allow steam and moisture to escape. Our painted and plastic coated products are preferred for bathroom use.

Return policy

Our kitchen fronts and countertops are made especially for you. Since they are therefore unique pieces, there is no right of return for Reform products. If you have made a mistake with your order, we will not take any products back. Nor do we have any products in stock. If you need to order a new product, please refer to our general order and delivery conditions.