SURFACE metal consists of burnished copper, which is sealed with a protective surface wax. The surface wax works as a lacquer protectant, similar to that which is applied on cars to prevent rust. However, this does not give the fronts 100% protection against  stains and patination from normal wear, or water drops, detergents or other liquids that rest on the surface. 

The surface color is brownish-red, and since it is not possible to guarantee 100% matching shades, the cabinet fronts will be composed within an acceptable range of the brownish-red tone. 

SURFACE metal patinas over time at a rate that varies by usage, climate and maintenance.

Since it is a metal, it will react to water, steam, heat, etc., which means a front for a dishwasher might take on more patination and more stains as a result of steam and spray from the dishwasher. The metal is also susceptible to scratches, which become a natural part of the surface. Scratches, which appear as golden, can be present upon delivery. Overall, they give the fronts more dimension and interest.

We recommend cleaning the fronts daily with a cloth and a mild, neutral cleaning solution, and finishing by drying with a soft cloth.

The burnished-copper fronts are not acid-proof. The seal, however, helps to protect the fronts should they be exposed to lemon juice or other acidic materials. However, we recommend that you take precaution and avoid spilling acidic foods and liquids on the fronts as they may cause a permanent stain.   

The plate is burnished copper on the front side, which means that there are visible golden copper edges. The metal plate is glued to MDF. The reverse side of the front is veneered in smoked oak and has edges in solid smoked oak. In addition to adding a nice finish to the back of your cabinet fronts, this material works to stabilize the plate as well as create a stronger and more maintenance-friendly product.