Indicative pricing of worktops

We'd love to calculate an exact price on your particular worktop, but remember that the price will always vary in regards to different measurements for depth and choice of materials. To give a fairly indication, we have the following materials and indicative prices for worktop in a standard depth of 62 cm. The list below shows: material, color options, thickness: price pr. meter
Solid oak, natural, 20 or 30mm: 330 €
Solid oak, smoked 20 or 30mm: 494 €
Linoleum, 20 colors, with front edge in nature - or smoked oak, 20mm / 30mm / 40mm: 356 €
GetaCore, 10mm solid: white: 512 €, black: 588 €
Corian, 12 mm solid: white 580 €, black 666 €
Steel, 5mm solid steel / 20mm: 1048 € / 518 € 
Concrete, 19mm or 30mm: 648 €

Prices are excl. cutouts, sink, assembly, etc. which also vary in price of the different materials. When ordering a worktop, we recommend that you use professional measuring and wait to order your worktop until cabinets are installed and/or 100% correct measurements can be defined.