Confirming your order

We handle all orders over e-mail and all contact is done online or by phone. Therefore, we also send your final offer per e-mail and need a written confirmation from you prior to ordering.
You receive the first offer from us within 24 hours of your request on it and then we review the offer and adjust it until the order is 100% correct. We guide you in the process, but it is also important to seek information and ask for anything you could be in doubt. As the last part of the process we will send a final order for approval.
Once you approve the order, it can not be changed, and before you approve we ask you to read and confirm our Terms of Delivery. We will send an order confirmation and an invoice and when the invoice is paid, your order will be sent to production.

An approval of an order or changes to the order should always be received in written format, so it is possible to document  and make the process transparent and clear for all parts.