Fronts for built-in appliances

We produce fronts for built-in appliances such as: refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine. We guarantee our fronts fit IKEA's selection of built-in appliances. If you choose appliances from another manufacturer than IKEA, you need to ensure that the chosen appliances fit into IKEA's cabinets. If you're unsure about this, we recommend that you contact IKEA, as they are more qualified to advice on this subject.  

If you want to assemble two fronts together, to create a continuous look of dual fronts, you can buy a connection rail at IKEA. This can only be done with fronts for dishwashers and pull-out cabinets.

IKEA's range of built in appliances are either from the brand Electrolux or Whirlpool, and they have a great selection within all price ranges.