Worktop in fiber concrete

A concrete worktop consists of natural products and can vary a tiny bit in color, which is why samples are merely indicative. There may be various shades and color differences, which give the concrete table top a very vivid expression.

Concrete worktops will darken after use, and change along with different climates, as well as obtain color shades and stains which is an inevitable result of the environment it is in. Concrete being so changeable also contributes to its very unique expressions and features which is surely one of the greatest advantages of a concrete worktop. Other great advantages of the concrete worktop is that it's heat resistant and incredibly solid and tough. Small shrinkages may occur in the surface, which has no affect on the worktop's durability. These are usually unavoidable and can be repaired with a treatment kit, which can always be ordered if needed.
Concrete worktops contain lime and it is therefore recommended to avoid cleaning products containing lime remover, since it might affect the surface and leave boring white rings on the surface.
We advice not to use detergents with chemicals or acid and as far as possible, the concrete worktop should only be cleaned and maintained with natural soap or natural products.
Before delivery of the worktop it is treated with care products and natural soap for protection during shipping and mounting of the worktop. This liquid natural soap treatment should be washed off after mounting the tabletop.
The first month after installation of the worktop you need to apply further treatment to the worktop with additional natural soap, which protects and prevents the worktop against wear and stains. It is inevitable to guard completely against wear and stains because the concrete worktop is vulnerable towards colored liquids. Particularly around the stove, stains will occur from frying, but if the concrete worktop is treated properly in the preventive stage, spots like these are removable with a scrub or deeper cleanse. If scrubbing it's only recommended to use 3M sandpaper grain 400 or a delicate sponge.
For cleaning, preventive care and maintenance we recommend Probat. With daily cleaning, you can easily use plain warm water and a mild solution of neutral detergent, but by periodic cleaning and of preventive care, it is best to use Probat. If the worktop over time begins to dry out, apply a new treatment of Probat.