Fronts for a non IKEA kitchen

Our concept is primarily made to fit the IKEA kitchen system, but it is possible to make doors and drawers for other kitchen systems as a custom order. The proces would be slightly different and require a bit more preparation on your end. 

We recommend finding a good carpenter to measure your existing fronts and kitchen cabinets and make sure all measurements are in the correct millimeter measures, that you need the fronts produced in. In order to make you an accurate quote, we would also like to see pictures of your kitchen setup or a drawing showing the layout of your kitchen. We mainly need this is be able to account for needed cover panels, inserts and plinths. 

After you have received the custom order, your carpenter needs to drill for all drawers and hinges to be able to attach all the fronts.

If you are considering this solution, you are very welcome to send us a drawing, and we'll create a quote for you. Since we need to produce the fronts in custom sizes, we will charge 10 % extra compared to our standard prices.